Windy City West Indian Carnival is a not-for-profit festival and colorful parade that takes

place in Chicago during the month of August.  It is a family-oriented cultural event with live entertainment, children’s activities, and authentic Caribbean cuisine. It is also a popular Street Parade of Mas Bands that showcases colorful handmade costumes, authentic steel pan music and traditional dance performances.


After participating in Windy City Carnival for three years, Stacy was inspired to start her own mas band called “Team Jukeboxx”. In May of 2018, Stacy introduced her band to the public through a band launch titled “Keys to the Garden”. This band launch revealed the theme, “Tropical Garden” and the beautiful costumes that brought this garden to life. Chicago hadn’t seen a band launch of this magnitude in a long time. This successful event showed everyone just how serious Stacy was about changing the face of Chicago Carnival.


On August 18 , 2018,  “Team Jukeboxx” entered Windy City Carnival’s joy filled festival for the first time. Many still doubted Stacy’s ability to pull off a success band or win as a first year bandleader. However, Team Jukeboxx surprised the carnival scene when they arrived on carnival day with 150 masqueraders from Chicago, Toronto, Kansas City, Miami, and the Bahamas. Team Jukeboxx was the largest band on the road for carnival. Team Jukeboxx also proved to be 

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